AllAssets Release: March 1, 2022

Intermodular Data Transfer

The new Intermodular Data Transfer feature provides significant improvements to the existing workflows by enabling existing and new users to access and synchronize data across different modules thus increasing the quality of the Risk Analysis.  This allows our customers to make more informed decisions about their key assets.


A new Auditing feature has been designed to keep track of any changes created in the Hierarchy application.  A report can be generated from the Reports application and will show any previous and changed values.

Inspection Confidence

The Inspection Confidence feature allows the user to update the RBI damage mechanisms (as applicable) with the following

  • Calculate and update the combined Inspection Confidence 
  • Update Number of Inspections
  • Update Last Inspection Date based on the most recent Inspection Report
  • Update Long Term Corrosion Rate
  • Update Short Term Corrosion Rate
  • Update RBI data from the datasheet

Users can also view operation summaries and modify the model configuration parameters of some  of these operations.

To use this feature, the system requires the model to configure the input mappings.  Please contact LR for the model configuration files and instructions to upload the input mappings.

New Security Groups

The new Security application provides finer-grained control over user access. System administrators also now have an improved Roles creation tool and the ability to add users to Groups of similarly required permissions and work locations, simplifying the process of adding a new user to the system and giving them access to the data that they require. 

Administrator Lookup Revamp

Admin Lookups has had a revamp which has significantly increased performance and gives users more control and flexibility to create and modify lookups.

This feature allows users to perform the following operations on lookups

  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Download
  • Filter
  • Multi-select
  • Pagination

Additional validation has been added to ensure

  • Duplicate ID’s cannot exist
  • Admin Lookups that are in use cannot be deleted
  • Attributes cannot be added to a Lookup with a published status

Language Selector

Users can now switch between two languages: English (US) and Chinese, Simplified. This can be achieved by using the drop-down box in the top right corner of AllAssets.