Items Hub

The Items Hub was created to provide users a full overview of their equipment main data and to be able to drill down to see pertinent details of that data. This feature is enabled by default when a Hierarchy Item is linked to an RBI Risk Model.

The Hub is divided into five sections:

  1. The equipment's risk ranking, represented by a risk matrix from an RBI analysis
  2. The equipment's picture, which provides a graphical guideline on the equipment you are currently working on
  3. The current Mitigation Plan, showing the selected tasks from the RBI recommendations that are currently in effect
  4. The corrosion analysis from the Thickness measurements you have taken and recorded in AllAssets, represented graphically and with key data such as long term and short term corrosion rates for the equipment

Viewing item details

  1. To view the details of any of the widgets displayed on the Items Hub, click on the chevron icon , which will take you to the detailed information, for example, the full risk model with all inputs and outputs that are supporting the risk matrix classification displayed on the hub.
  2. To go back to the Hub, just click on the back button on your browser.