Use this feature to schedule tasks/inspections based on the Inspection Priority from the Failure Mechanisms identified in the Criticality analysis. The resulting plan aims to ensure the ongoing reliability and integrity of the assets, locations and subassemblies included in the Risk Profile.

Recommendations are stored as part of every Risk Model, ensuring that tasks are tailored based on the specific attributes of each equipment class. You can select the recommendations that better fit your equipment, and those would become your Mitigation Plan.

After you have selected the tasks, the system calculates the due date based on the last inspection date and the frequency, which is derived from the corresponding Inspection Priority. You can override this due date, which then will be utilized to report on upcoming schedule or overdue tasks.

Create a Mitigation Plan

  1. Using the search box in the Tiles control, type the equipment id, description or equipment type to filter the list.
  2. Select the equipment that you want to create a Mitigation plan for.
  3. AllAssets creates the recommendations automatically when a new Driving Risk in saved. Once the equipment is opened, the Recommendations table will be populated.
  4. Click on the Include button in order to move a task from the Recommendations table to the Mitigation Plan table
  5. If you want to edit any of the fields for the task, select the pencil icon located on the left hand side of the Mitigation Plan table
  6. The system will open a dialog with the information of the task. All fields are in editable.
  7. Click on the OK button to save the changes.
  8. Once you are satisfied with your Mitigation Plan, you can activate it by clicking on the Activate icon on the top right hand side of the screen. This action historizes the plan to keep record of the inspection plan.

Please note that once you activate a plan, you cannot make any further changes to it.

Create Ad hoc tasks

Use this feature to include tasks that you want to perform as part of the current plan and that are non-recurring. Tasks that you add using this feature will only be available for the plan to which they are added.

  1. Click on the plus button next to the Mitigation Plan table header
  2. The system will display a dialog window that will allow you to enter the following information:
    Reference, an identifier for the task
    Description, the extent of the activity
    Task Type,which includes the different types of activities, such as Visual Internal, Visual External or UT
    Due Date, the target completion date of the task

3. Click on the OK button to save the changes

Using Mitigation Plan Visual Cues

The Mitigation Plan table has a set of capabilities to aid planners to recognize when a plan has changed from previous iterations. There are three main visual cues integrated into the system:

  • When a task has one or more columns highlighted in red, it means that the current value is different from that of the previous Mitigation Plan
  • When the complete row is highlighted red, it indicated this task was not present in the previous Mitigation Plan
  • When the complete row has no highlighted columns, it means that the same task was present on the previous plan and all information remains unchanged