AllAssets Release: February 16, 2023

Hierarchy Template New Component: Tables

The new Hierarchy Template feature provides significant improvements over the existing functionality by allowing you to now include tables as part of templates. The key benefit is to structure data is a way that makes sense to your operations that can be easily consumed by users.


Hierarchy Templates Redesign

The previous Hierarchy Template design provided all the attributes, groups, and tabs in a single view, making it difficult to work with it. We took the opportunity to add the new Table component to redesign this page by easily grouping the related attributes under a Group and Tab component. Also, the attributes created in the table can be reordered using a simple drag and drop action. Even better: with this release your existing groups, tabs and attributes are automatically migrated to the new format.


And since we were at it, we also modified the UI for the Hierarchy application, organizing the information in tabs in a single column, so information is easier to consume, and it feels more natural to do so. Let us know what you think about these changes!



Mass Risk Collections

Running mass risk analysis after a shutdown or updating a lot of records has never been simpler. With the new Mass Risk Collections app, you can select a group of assets to update risk based on new inspection reports uploaded, updated datasheet information or by equipment type.



We also took care of some high-priority issues for our customers. See the list below:

Area Description


  • In the Reports application, added an option to download Line List details.   
  • Identified and fixed the data issue with the download data sheet report.
  • Fixed an issue where the Recommendations are showing all the strategies from the Model Strategies.
Master Attributes
  • Resolved an issue with Master Attributes to reseed them so that Power BI reports are generated correctly.