AllAssets Release: May 9, 2023

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We are planning to improve parts of our UI with a fresh and modern look. Consider this a tantalizing preview of the exciting changes that lie ahead.


Mass Risk Collections - Model Multiselect Option


Hearing all the feedback we got from the previous release, it was clear that adding the capability to select multiple models when creating your collection was something that would make you way more productive, so we have gone ahead and made that improvement.


Mass Risk Collections - Update Operations


We fixed the issue where the Update operations during Mass Risk Collections run is not providing correct UOM. Now the feature is available to take advantage of. If you don’t know what the Update Operations are all about, please contact us so we can give you a private tour!


Mass Risk Collection – Add Items to Collection [Beta]


We are currently testing a new capability to let you know the number of items that will be selected as part of the collection. Keep in mind that as you select an asset, all associated child components will be automatically part of the risk run, so criticality will be updated for them as well, saving you the extra work of selecting child items. Let us know if what you think about this new feature as this is only available for the .