How to Create an Asset Register

Asset Register is used to set up the equipment lists for projects and studies. All studies under
the project can use assets from the project asset register. Configuration is based on project
needs. The register can be configured to use a hierarchy, or it can be flat. The configuration
sets up the equipment list load sheet that is imported into Reliabuilder.

1. Select the mceclip0.pngAR Profile icon to select the profile.


2. Select + Add Asset Type (1).
3. Enter description of *Name, and *Display Format (usually {0} | {1}). This will fill in Asset Types. Check the box for Allow Asset Notes, if desired (2).
4. Select (3) to add additional labels.
5. In the example in Figure 8, complete Location Number (Added in previous step), Location Description, and Drawing Number fields (4). Others can be added as needed. Update Data Type and Max Length for each line item.

6. Check the Unique box if that entry must be unique. Typical for IDs. Check the Required box
if the line item must be used.
7. If the line item needs to be removed (deleted), click on the to delete the line item.
8. After adding all line items, select Save at the top of page.
9. Select mceclip2.png to set up the AR Field Mappings.



*The asterisk (*) denotes that the field is mandatory throughout the use of Reliabuilder