Connected Field Release: May 11, 2018


Mobile Inspection v1.4 offers many exciting new features for the project managers as well as the inspectors in the field. With this release, we introduce our first integration with PCMS. We’ve added many new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help analyze your project’s health at the project, unit and staff levels.  As your project progresses, you can report you project’s budget and spend across the budget line items.

Upon logging in, you will be taken to the Mobile inspection Dashboard to view the progress of all your projects and getting to the details is just a click away. Once you drill down to a specific project, you can track your targeted progress and see a quick status of your scheduled tasks. Here you can easily navigate to view KPIs regarding any units, staff member or your planned budget. We gathered feedback and requests from our existing users to compile the most frequently requested information and made them available in the one Overview location. As our system continues to grow and develop, we will expand this area to meet your needs.

We added some key efficiency improvements for our tablet users as well. We created a clipboard feature to allow users to save individual inspection field narratives for use in future entries. Now you can write a common narrative once, save it to the clipboard and paste it another form. Now you only have to change equipment specific information and focus on more important tasks than re-typing similar summaries.

Forms can be customized to default inspection field prefixes to photo comments to quickly map a comment to the field it’s referencing. They can also include field validations with custom masking to make sure data is entered correctly. Individual follow up work requests can now be created on the fly for a specific piece of equipment. These can be created on the tablet and synced to the website similarly to the original inspection form.

We now can also use the tablet to perform operator rounds for reoccurring tasks at a facility. A project can be configured without providing a defined begin and end date. An operator can record their readings from the field, sync to the website and when they sync for the next scheduled reading, they will get a rolling 31 readings.

Other features include:

  • A map to locate all projects and their current percent complete
  • Ability to assign multiple crafts to perform a task
  • Ability to copy an existing project to aid in the quick set up on a similar project

V1.4 offers many new features to help manage inspection projects and to help those in field including...

  • PCMS integration
  • New KPIs for better insights on project health, status at the unit and staff levels, and reporting on the project budget and spend
  • Enhancements for the mobile app including easy reuse of common field narratives, prepopulated photo comments, data entry validation options to ensure the correct data or data format is used, easy work request entries, etc.
  • Operator rounds
  • Website improvements including the option to assign multiple crafts to perform a task and start a new project by copying the settings of an existing project


Management Website

Check the progress for all your associated projects

When you log onto the website dashboard, you can instantly check on all project statuses. With a single click you can:

  • Filter Projects that are:
    • On schedule
    • Slightly behind schedule
    • Behind target
  • Sort your projects:
    • Alphabetically
    • Current % Complete
    • Target progress
  • Navigate to the specific project details

KPIs for every project level

We know that your time can be better served when you focus more on inspection tasks and less on generating reoccurring reports. We’ve created many different KPIs to help you analyze every level of your project. We start at the highest overall completion percentage and allow you to drill down to the level that is most meaningful to you. Each KPI can be downloaded as an image and used in any report.


Integration with PCMS

With the latest version of PCMS, external inspection events can be exported into Mobile Inspection.  Here they can be managed, assigned, approved and marked completed as inspection tasks.  Completed inspection data and reports can then be imported back into PCMS and approved & graded.


One-click navigation

We redesigned the overview landing page to allow a user to get where they need to go by using 1 click.

  • Open a specific project
  • View all projects in the system
  • View all plants in the system
  • Visually locate all projects on a map
  • Perform any administrative task

Copy existing projects as a template

We know the project setup can be tedious for similar projects. To solve this problem, we now allow you to select an existing project and select the settings you want to copy to a new project:


  • Asset Types
  • Inspection Types
  • Visual Inspection Reason

Track budget spending

You can now enter the project budget and spend per budget line item.  The system will visually represent the spend vs. budget and calculate the percent remaining.  The budget data can then be easily shared with your supervisor.

Project World Map

You can enter the site coordinates and then view projects on a world map and see their % complete at a glance.

Mobile App

Create individual follow up recommendation or repair forms

Often, after the inspection has been completed, there are follow up items that need to be addressed. Sometimes, these require an additional form to be filled out and approved. Now these can be created on the tablet and submitted to the cloud to possibly follow a different approval process.

Support for Operator Rounds

The mobile app now supports operator rounds.  You can select an operator round to perform and capture the readings.  The operator round data is synced with the website so the next time you perform that round, a rolling 31 day readings will be available to you on the mobile app.

Clipboard feature to store common narratives

You requested, we heard. Inspectors use similar narratives for the Inspection summaries or other descriptive areas. Now you can store these narratives and copy them for future inspections. Simply click on the text area you want to paste the narrative, show the clipboard and select the desired text. Now you can simply change the data specific to that piece of equipment and not spend a lot of time writing the same text repeatedly.

Auto prefix inspection photos

Since inspection photos are a large portion of the inspection process, often it’s difficult to determine which photo is referring to which inspection item. Now, the forms can automatically prefix the photo with the item to limit the inspector having to do this.

Field validation and masking

Inspection forms can contain validation on fields to make sure the data entered:

  • Follows the same format
  • Is within certain minimum and maximum values

Known Issues

The following issues are minor and you are unlikely to encounter them.  These will be addressed in upcoming releases.


  1. Our operator rounds feature is our first phase in addressing this facet of the industry. We plan on gathering feedback from its use in the field to better identify issues in the process and make sure we solve them during the next development cycle.
  2. We are looking at mobile devices with better cameras and that are less expensive than the ToughPads. We still need to focus on being intrinsically safe as well.
  3. We will be considering what effort will be needed to support the IOS operating system so it can run on iPads.