Connected Field Release: April 8, 2020

Connected Field v1.6 is now available!

This release’s focus is on the ability to capture Ultra-Thickness (UT) readings using our mobile application. We wanted to improve the collection process and try to eliminate common errors that occur. We added key validations when entering the Essential Variables to prevent them from producing incorrect readings. We remind you to properly calibrate your meter for high temperature scenarios and verify you are using the correct step wedge for the pipe size.

During the UT process, we compare each reading to the T-Min value and/or previous reading, if available. You’ll get instant feedback whether the current reading increased from the last reading or if the value is within the configured alert values. The goal of this version is to guide you along the process while reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

1.      Ultra-Thickness (UT) Readings. This feature includes:

  • Ability to Import previous reading history
  • Asset Type level configuration settings
  • Capture and validate Essential Variables
  • Customize specific Condition Monitoring Location (CML) & Reading structures
  • Ability to create additional readings or completely new CMLs altogether
  • Automatically generate UT reports while highlighting warnings with colored icons
  • View & Export UT reading history to track trends

2.      Expanded the import process to include updating existing data

3.      Ability to gauge who is using our Maintenance website and mobile application

4.      Various bug fixes to improve overall user experience

Ultra-Thickness (UT) readings

Importing history

Using a simple Excel spreadsheet, you can now add or updating UT information to verify against the current reading.



Asset Type Configuration Settings

Toggle whether Technicians can view history readings and configure T-Min alert values


Capture and validate Essential Variables

Configure and capture key Essential variables necessary for your UT program


Configure specific CML & Reading Level structures

Create simple sequential CMLs with associated readings or configure a prefix and/or suffix with each CML name.


Ability to create additional readings for localize thinning or completely new CMLs altogether


Automatically generate UT reports while highlighting warnings with colored icons


View & Export UT reading history to track trends


Ability to gauge Connected Field usage on our tablets and maintenance website


Bug Fixes included in this release

  1. Changing Staff Position in User Profile doesn't allow a Save
  2. Operator Round project created tasks when a task was created
  3. Asset Component inspections don't sync to the tablet
  4. Component type XML Template not being saved
  5. Fix TaskTime getting 01/01/0001 End value
  6. Task View on Task Management screen not showing up
  7. During the 1.5 release, a script to create a 1-1 relationship didn't update last modified date correctly
  8. Deleting a Project doesn't work, we need to remove the icon.
  9. Project Tasks don't show on the Tasks tab
  10. OR not syncing from tablet
  11. Copying a project hangs but never finishes
  12. OR rolling 31 days doesn't roll, it stops adding records
  13. When bulk editing tasks, the date timestamp is set to 12am which puts new record behind existing In Scope record
  14. When you remove a Team Member that is the Primary Approver, the Guid is listed in the drop down
  15. Using Chrome, the Approve/Reject button looks like 1 button
  16. Can't update OR templates and save
  17. Traversing between tasks using the next/previous button cause an error
  18. Trying to copy & Save an OR project and get 2 invalid date errors
  19. When bulking editing tasks from a filtered list, the function doesn't work
  20. Staff Position column needs a finite width to stop overtaking screen
  21. After copying a project and saving, you return to the copy project option screen
  22. Clicking Forgot my Password doesn't seem to do anything
  23. Shortened Drop Down Fields can't display full data
  24. Create new task asset list contains All Plant assets, not just assets in the project
  25. The advanced task configuration UI is messed up
  26. When editing a photo and clicking on the color selector crashes the entire app
  27. Exporting multiple reports that include similar Work Orders causes an Error
  28. After creating and submitting a Work Order the Status still says In Progress
  29. Weak connection causes red x on sync when response not received
  30. When you save an inspection and go back and edit a photo, the file path points to Temp
  31. Project Role of Team Member doesn't allow them to view documents
  32. The approvals tab should show up for any user who is added as an approver in the approval process
  33. Tablet-Asset component documents are not showing up on the tablet
  34. Scrolling through task records causes an error
  35. Creating a new task on the Task Management screen sets date to Jan 01 instead of today's date
  36. Clicking on notes icon of website even after saving is giving a warning unless you refresh the page