Reliabuilder Release: October 19, 2016

Analyst need a cost benefit analysis tool in order to help decide on using the task package for the evaluation


Sr. Analyst want to enable or disable the cost benefit analysis for studies


Analyst need to have the tasks approved attribute and the cost-benefit value in exports


Analyst need to filter evaluation records on "task approved" attribute


Customer wants a new reviewer role so that reviewers can only see evaluations that are "ready to review"


Note: Only analyst or team members will see the following.  Reviewers will only be able to see the records marked as ready for review. 


Analyst need the cost benefit analysis results in the reports


Analysts want the risk ranking should always default to the first tab

Analysts want the Copy To feature on the evaluation to perform copy without overwriting all the fieldsrel_notes_9.jpg

Analysts want a quicker way to add system code items to their evaluation record

You just need to type in the code and hit enter (or select the + button as shown on Failure Effects)rel_notes_10.jpg

Analysts want the feedback button moved from the Reliabuilder screens so that it would not block total count on grids

Analysts want a search functionality for on Select Tasks page


As an Analyst I would like to be able to copy an equipment type and keep the associations

Analysts need to have a download option for the Living Program results grid


Not only do you get the export on the Living Program grid, you will now find it on most grids…


Issues to fix or change requests:

  1. The notification messages (e.g. “Saved”) are blocking buttons – we’ll move the messages to the lower right and reduce the time these appear
  2. Not all cost benefit fields are in the evaluation export – we will add all  
  3. The cost-benefit mitigated and unmitigated Notes should be renamed to Basis – done