Reliabuilder Release: July 28, 2017

v8.4 Changes

1. The action buttons now anchor to the top when you scroll down


2. Analysts can now copy resource data (e.g. equipment types) between the study, template, and other studies in the project which use the same template.


3. Analysts will now see if an equipment is used and analyzed via the equipment list screen and the equipment list report. Also, an analyst can now see and search with the Drawing #.


4. The Unmitigated and Mitigated tabs are now over the individual risk ranking tabs allowing for a more natural workflow


5. Analyst can now add resource data via the evaluation screen. The field shown below, upon an enter action, will either include an existing code or prompt the user to create a new one.


6. Analyst can now refresh all the lists without leaving the page on the evaluation screen. This is helpful in cases where another team member is adding resource data via another browser.


7. Analysts can now copy an evaluation to a different study.


8. Analyst can now copy an existing task within the same evaluation record.


9. Analysts can now identify if the evaluation record was copied from another.


10. Analysts can now see the extended criticality on the study overview.


11. Analyst can provide a default comment in the study template for equipment types or in the study itself. Then all new evaluation records will use the default comment. This will save analyst time by just having to complete the parts of the comment that are unique for that evaluation.


12. Analyst can now save the evaluation from the any screen.


13. The Criticality is now included at the top of the Comprehensive Report.


14. An analyst can now change the Criticality level in the context of the evaluation Criticality section/portlet.


15. The Basis text field has been widened.


16. Users now have a breadcrumb feature for improved navigation and it provides for better context on projects and studies.


17. Users can now use multiple browser tabs each with a different project. Previously this was limited to the same project.


18. Analysts now have the option to generate a customized Tallies report.


19. Analysts can now exclude a task or tasks for cost justification.


20. Analyst can now copy cost benefit information.


21. Analyst can now have the manually added equipment included in the Tallies report.


22. When an analyst leaves the evaluation view, the last viewed evaluation record will now be selected in the evaluation list

23. Reliabuilder now supports password rule strength configuration

24. Exports and Reports were enhanced by…

       a. Including a linking key number for evaluation and tasks
       b. functions have been added to the tasks export
       c. the task export limit was removed
       d. functions and performance objective reports now have a more logical sort order
       e. failure causes are now addressed by each task in the task export
       f. failure modes related to the failure causes are now included on the tasks export

Plus, we resolved known bugs and made additional improvements within the UI to support better navigation. Please let us know what you think
and if you have any questions or issues.