Reliabuilder Release: October 11, 2018

Reliabuilder v8.5

  • New look and many UI improvements
  • New bulk data edit options
  • New security options such as an Active Directory integration option
  • Improved performance – Reliabuilder now has a job service that offloads intensive processes like large exports or imports, where these now run in the background allowing you to continue working in other areas of Reliabuilder while the job is processing.  We were also able to remove some of the record limits associated with imports, exports, and reports. 
  • New search options including a search across all evaluations records within a project (i.e. multiple studies)

The next release will likely focus on spare parts enhancements and improvements with template management. 

Below are some general things to know about v8.5 changes.  Attached is the full list of the v8.5 features and the updated user’s guide.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Some things to know about the new UI


The menu has been tweaked,

  1. The old parent menu item “Analysis” has been removed.  Instead the child menu options have moved to the top level or under Resource Data.
  2. Access to the reports, imports, and exports have moved from the study overview to Reports & Tools.
  3. Access to the feature to search evaluations across the project was added to the project menu.

Here is the new report and tools view.  It provides access to reports, exports, imports and other miscellaneous features.  See each section for the help on the bulk data update options.


You will now get notifications about jobs (e.g. imports, exports, reports).


The following work items will also be included in this release.