How to Login

Reliabuilder is a web-based program. The user only needs a supported browser (Chrome, Edge,
or Firefox) to access it. Reliabuilder is available via a cloud service or via an on-premise

Setting Up An Account

Each authorized user will be provided with a username, password, and role by a system
administrator. Role assignments limit users to certain tasks in Reliabuilder. Users are also assigned to projects. The following figure is an example of a user setup used by a system admin,


You can use the “Send new user e-mail” option to automatically send out a email to the user
with the user name, initial password, and the url for Reliabuilder.
The email will look something like,


You can also append an optional message with the email.


Logging In

Login through the Login Screen to open Reliabuilder. The following figure is an example of the
Login Screen