How to Assign Users to a Project

Understanding User Roles

There are several roles that can be assigned to project and studies. The permissions for each
role are defined as follows:

  • System Administrator has full permissions to all projects
  • Project Administrator has full permissions to an assigned project
  • Analyst has permissions to make changes to evaluations, asset registers, equipment
    lists, function statements, and performance objectives.
  • Senior Analyst has same permissions as an Analyst plus set up studies (risk matrices,
    resource data, etc.)
  • Team Member has read only permissions
  • Reviewer has permissions to review evaluations


Assigning Users

1. Select mceclip0.pngSecurity icon from the Edit Project Menu to begin assigning users.mceclip1.png
2. Select + Add to add a user by name and by role.
3. Continue adding users and roles as needed.
4. Select to remove a user from the list of users.
5. Click Save after all users and their roles have been assigned.