Connected Field Release: October 25, 2014

Connected Field Features - v1.0

Here is the list of all of the features we have with the tablet and the website:

  1. 2 ways to list all the inspections on 1 page
  2. Search for an Asset by typing in part of the name or select from a list. Then select an Asset Component (if available) and Inspection Type to create an inspection
  3. Map search and see the asset on a map and get driving directions
  4. Sync the cloud data with the tablet
  5. View Plant specific documents like Site map, muster map, etc
  6. View a map of where the plant is located
  7. View how many Units & Assets are loaded on the tablet
  8. Map of their current location
  9. View current weather
  10. View individual inspections on the map by clicking on the Location Header
  11. View Asset Inspection results
  12. Asset design information can also be loaded on the tablet and they normally wouldn’t have this information
  13. View Asset located on the map
  14. Display Special Notes
  15. Take/View Confirmation photo
  16. Complete the inspection form electronically with as little typing as possible
  17. Provide help on individual inspection items
  18. Take and associate photos and notes on individual inspection items
  19. Inspectors can have all of their necessary inspections data at their fingertips and eliminate carrying a clipboard
  20. View previous inspection history on each asset
  21. Generate a basic report with inspections items and their values along with notes & photos integrated into the final inspection report
  22. With the harness. The tablet can hang without the inspector having to carry it
  23. Inspection forms are completely customizable and help to limit inspector typing
  24. We can load all client information on a central database in the cloud and push new information to each tablet
  25. Can write on images which are included in the final report
  26. Have a basic and advance image editor
  27. Submitted reports can be downloaded from the website by Unit Inspector
  28. Manage tablet user profiles on the website
  29. All data is stored in a database
  30. Manage and clear out the inspection data on the tablet