Connected Field Release: April 17, 2015


Vantage Mobile Inspection version 1.1 offers many new features and improvements on the management website and on the tablet.  The focus for version 1.1 was on the new supervisor features that now provide a comprehensive overview on all inspection activities.  For the inspectors, the tablet will now produce the inspection reports they currently use. 


Management Website


Inspection Dashboard

Allows supervisors to understand the state of the current inspections.  For example, the supervisor can quickly answer these questions all from the dashboard…

  • How many inspections are scheduled for this turnaround?
  • How many inspections are left unassigned?
  • What is the completion percentage per plant, per unit?
  • What is the status of any inspection?
  • What is the status breakdown of the inspections?
  • What is the breakdown by inspection types?
  • How many inspections have been completed each day, week, month, or year?

Approval Workflow

Supervisors can now review inspection reports and then approval or send back the inspection with reasons for the rejections.  The workflow is configurable and allows for multiple approval levels.

Improved Inspection Management

This includes:

  • Schedule new inspections
  • Set inspection defaults for rapid creation of similar inspections
  • Update existing inspection schedules
  • Cancel existing inspections
  • Sort and filter the inspections
  • Review current status along with the status history of individual inspections
  • Export submitted inspection reports
  • Export inspection schedules
  • Export inspection data gathered from the reports for importing into IDMSs


  • API certification types and numbers supported per plant that inspectors can use to quickly include on the inspection report
  • Enhanced user profiles
  • Projects - group inspections as needed or by turnarounds
  • A workflow approval process

General Improvements

  • New importing and exporting options are available. We can now customize exports to fit your integration needs.
  • Ability to manage documents that appear on the tablet

Tablet Features

Custom Reports

We take the inspection data collected by the tablet and automatically generate and format the final report for you. This includes asset information, inspection ratings, photos and detailed notes.

Simpler, cleaner home screen

Now it is easier and faster to locate and use inspections, documents, and the state of inspections and actions to perform.

Improved note and photo management

Notes and photos are now easier to manage and use. 

Mark up PDF pages

Inspectors can now use pages from a PDF document, add inspection comments and include them in the final report.


Known Issues

  1. Currently, re-assigning an inspection ‘In Progress’ will require you to cancel the one assigned to the original inspector and create a new one for the inspector taking over
  2. The cameras on the tablets only offer 8MPs but adding Eye Fi cards will allow inspectors to use their own cameras which sync directly with the tablets.
  3. Since some inspection features can be done on the management website and on the tablet, this could result in locked records due to collisions. Actual field usage will provide excellent feedback in to what realistic situations need to be handled.
  4. We don’t have a way to remove or archive completed inspections and overtime this could be an issue in retrieval of data for the Dashboard and Scheduled Inspections.