Connected Field Release: January 19, 2018


Vantage Mobile Inspection version 1.3 takes the main feature of the tablet and provides the same capability on the management website. Inspections can be submitted from the tablet, if corrections are needed, they can be done online. Entire inspections can be completed from the website if tablets are in short supply.

This version also addresses being able to perform an inspection that isn’t loaded on your tablet. Simply select the type of equipment and what inspection you want to perform and it’s automatically created for you. When you sync your tablet, the new inspection is created and added to your project.

Inspection recommendations can now be recorded by the Inspectors on their tablets. These can be automatically printed on their reports and will all be sent to the website. Here they will be centralize so all recommendations for the entire project can be reviewed, printed and given to the client at the end of the engagement.


Management Website

Complete/Edit inspections on the website

Inspections assigned to you can now be completed on the website. If mobile tablets are not available or your inspection only requires a few pictures and notes, you can enter this data directly onto the website.

  • Select your certification
  • Enter your electronic signature
  • Add/Update your confirmation photo
  • Review/update inspection information
  • Add inspection comments, recommendations and/or photos
  • Access any supporting documents
  • Submit once all of the updates have been made

Job Service

Long jobs can be submitted and run in the background while users continue to using the website. They will be notified once their job has completed. Those jobs include:

  • Import project data
  • Exporting

Centralize Inspection Recommendations

Often after inspecting a piece of equipment inspectors have recommendations for repairs, improvements and general suggestions. Now they can enter these during the inspection process so they won’t be forgotten. They will be sent and collected on the website where all recommendations can be reviewed and printed.

Primary Staff Position

User profiles will contain all of the crafts an individual can perform. However, often times this person was assigned to a project for a specific position. Now you can select their primary craft for a project when building your team. Now you can make sure your project team is suited for your project.

General Improvements

  • In order to prevent removing equipment from a project if some work has been done on them, we applied more strict deletion rules.
  • Better way to visibly see when a task has any comments noted.
  • Closed Out or Cancelled inspections can now be re-activated.
  • Centralized documents for a piece of equipment
  • Inspections that have not been worked on can be deleted from the project if you have the proper authority.


Create inspections on the fly

If you’re out in the field and need to perform an inspection on a piece of equipment that isn’t in your scope of work? No problem. Answer 4 simple questions to get back to inspecting.

Copy inspection forms to make filling out similar forms easier

Performing inspections on similar pieces of equipment often require you to re-type long narratives. Now you can copy from 1 report to another and only update the differences. You’re in control to copy only certain parts, photos and if you want to overwrite existing values.

Add attachments in their native format to any inspection

While inspecting equipment you can now submit attachments that can of any file type like Word, Excel & AutoCAD. Your report will be submitted with these additional attachments as a complete inspection packet.

Enter and track inspection recommendations

While performing your inspection, quickly add necessary recommendations as part of your report and have them tracked for you. These recommendations will be printed on your report and also sent to the website so they can be tracked for the entire project

Validate inspection form so all required fields have values

Certain inspection fields can be set up to require a response. If these fields were skipped during the inspection they won’t allow the inspection to be submitted. Selecting this option will scan the form and inform the user if any required information was missed.

Easy to navigate new menu layout

A new collapsible menu now allows you to access any page in a single click. When you’re done with it, a simple tap will collapse it and expand your visible screen area.

General Improvements

  • Inspectors can now organize the order of their photos on their reports.
  • If an inspection require a confirmation photo before beginning the inspection, that photo can now be printed on the report.
  • When documents are removed from the website, they are also removed from the tablets.
  • Inspection forms can require a comment for an inspection item that was given a low rating.

Known Issues

We believe the following issues are minor and that you are not likely to encounter them.  These will be addressed in upcoming releases.

  1. The cameras on the tablets only offer 8 MPs but adding Eye Fi cards will allow inspectors to use their own cameras which will then sync directly with the tablets. We will be researching for newer tablets with better specifications.
  2. Completed inspections are not archived. Over time, this could affect performance on the management website if large date range filters are used.