Connected Field Release: June 26, 2019


Connected Field v1.5 is now available!  The new features include,

  • Integration support for GE Digital APM (i.e. Meridium). This includes a dashboard to monitor inbound and outbound traffic.
  • PCMS dashboard to monitor inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Work Order support that will now copy over key information from your inspection and automatically fill parts of the Work Order (as many as needed).
  • Multiple work order forms available per asset type
  • Advanced Walkdown support – use and edit reference documents as part of the report
  • ISO stamp for drawings

Other enhancements,

  • The number of work orders and attachments are displayed on each mobile app task
  • Print the KPI report as a Word or PDF document
  • Simplified task classifications - helps guide the user and simplifies the task creation process
  • Improved KPI text to better understand how the percentages are calculated
  • Copy a reference document to edited and add as an attachment
  • Bug fixes

Management Website

PCMS Dashboard

  • View when PCMS events are sent to Connected Field
  • Verify an associated task was successfully created in Connected Field.
  • Monitor the status of the task as it flows through Connected Field
  • View when the task was imported back into PCMS
  • Resend tasks from the dashboard.


If you are interested in a Connected Field – PCMS integration, please contact Jeff Hunkele for more details.

Meridium integration support and Dashboard

Connected Field gets data from Meridium and create tasks. Completed reports are then sent back to Meridium. You can track the data as it traverses through either system by viewing the Dashboard.


If you are interested in a Connected Field – Meridium integration, please see Jeff Hunkele for more details.

Print KPIs report as in Word or PDF format

Print the KPI report as a Word document or a PDF.


Select a task classification to simplify options

Choose a task by classification to limit only pertinent options based upon your selection. Simplifying the task creation process.


KPI insights to better understand how the percentages are calculated

We provide more detailed information regarding our KPIs to better understand the reported information.


Mobile App

Create Work Order directly from an inspection

Work Orders can have different formats and will automatically copy information from the originating inspection. Different inspection types can have one or more work order forms to choose from. When creating a Work Order, you decide the type of information to copy over.  Once created, the Connected Field treats it as another task in the system.


Quickly see if a task has associated Work Orders or Attachments

Numeric indicators will display the number of Work Orders or Attachments associated with your task right from the main dashboard. Work Orders will be shown with the link icon and the number of attachments will be listed next to it.


Copy a reference document to edited and added as an Attachment

Now you can copy a reference document and attach it to your inspection report. Edit this file and include it when you submit your report.

Bug Fixes

  1. Updated the adding a reference as an attachment title
  2. Deleting the last Plant document doesn't function properly
  3. 500 error when adding a document in the Task Management View
  4. Added KPI descriptions to better understand each graph
  5. Added a tag attribute for PCMS when null Circuit Sequence number is sent back from Connected Field
  6. Corrected the file path when you save an inspection and go back and edit a photo
  7. Updated document counts on the Task Tile or Menu Bar
  8. Attachments weren't being copied correctly on the tablet when copying a task
  9. The decimal numbers entered in the fields which are of string types are converted to date time
  10. The sync of an inspection after submitting takes a very long time with error in data log
  11. Weak connection causes red x on sync when response not received
  12. Comment icons weren’t showing up on the Task Management screen
  13. The Assign To menu context was blank when trying to quickly assign a Task
  14. Couldn't add a Comment to a task for certain task types
  15. Changed the word inspection on the work order edit work order screen
  16. Clicking on a Project on the Overview page after zooming or scrolling opens wrong project
  17. JavaScript error when selecting the asset type on create task screen
  18. Won't allow asset type on a task type to change after the task type is created
  19. After creating Work Orders and refreshing my localstate, the links no longer show on the tablet
  20. Clicking on Import menu item under plant is throwing a JavaScript error
  21. Giving an unrelated validation error when trying to assign a task to an inspector
  22. No tasks are showing up under tasks tab of Task management if you navigate there from Approvals tab under project overview
  23. Not able to add asset components to the project
  24. PCMS altered their import/export file which broke the interface in version 8.5
  25. PCMS needed to have the asset_no field passed back in the import file
  26. Planned value on Project Budget Health graph wraps to the second line
  27. Removed the inspection type Worksheet from the import template sheet
  28. Resubmitting a rejected inspection on website didn't update the status of the inspection on tablet properly after sync
  29. Saving an asset with install date is giving an incorrect validation error
  30. Some of the fonts/icons are missing on some of the screens
  31. The advanced task configuration User Interface was corrected
  32. The checkbox control didn't work correctly
  33. The form is not showing up right on website and is different from the tablet
  34. The icon for the sort values is missing in the create forecast screen
  35. The inspection export job is started after the inspection is closed out on Connected Field, but it gave an error trying to see the job details
  36. The menu item under Administration was changed to Plants instead of Projects and clicking was giving an error
  37. The report is not showing up on approvals tab for the inspections submitted on the website
  38. The task type filter on the tablet dashboard didn't apply right after the refresh/sync on tablet