Reliabuilder Release: September 2, 2020

Reliabuilder v8.6 has been released!  This release provides a way to bulk update risk ranking data via the evaluation import feature.  This release also has a number performance improvements (e.g., all exports, imports, reports, resolved differences operations now run as jobs – these run in the background allowing you to continue to work and removes previous record limits), new features, UI improvements, and bug fixes

New in v8.6

Bulk update risk ranking data

You can now bulk update risk raking data as part of the evaluation import.  For more information, see the Import Evaluations help section. 

Reviewer comments

When an analyst marks an evaluation as “Ready for Review”, reviewers can then make comments to alert others to some possible changes needed.  The states for review status are “Work in Progress”, “Ready for Review”, and “Reviewed”.  From the evaluation list, you can filter down by status or number of comments.



New export for equipment usage

Provides the equipment included in a study and the equipment actually used in study for all studies under a project


Reuse a custom task

When creating a task, you can now quickly search all previously used tasks including the custom tasks


Frozen Evaluation Details

Now as you scroll down, the evaluation details will lock in place at the top allowing you to see the details at all times


Living Program revision number in the study list

The latest Living Program revision numbers now shows in the list of studies


All evaluations have an easy to see timestamp


Resize columns on the copy to wizard

Allows you to resize for a particular column when you need to see more