Manage Equipment Module

The Manage Equipment module is primarily used for managing equipment that is part of the organization's performance and risk management program. Within this module, you can create and edit hierarchical items, associate models with particular assets for future risk assessment, and run reports to get critical information about equipment risk, datasheet, mitigation plan and inspections. The Hierarchy application allows users to build a hierarchy as an arrangement of locations, assets, components, and parts. The hierarchy provides a convenient way to run mass criticality or simply a way to group similar assets across the organization. Additional information is easily captured by associating a predefined Hierarchy Template to the hierarchy item. Getting information out of Newton RDMS is just as important as the information that goes in. The Reports application will allow authorized users to view/export information such as datasheet, inspection reports, mitigation plans, risk analysis results, thickness locations, and thickness reports. The Link Models application is a complete list of all published risk models that are available for end-user consumption. By simply selecting a model, users can quickly associate one or many hierarchy items that may be associated with each risk model.