Digital Engineering Content (DEC)

Newton RDMS is a combination of applications and content where some of the applications enable customers to develop their own content. Digital Engineering Content (DEC) encapsulates engineering knowledge to transform existing data into value. The articles in this section describe two types of models: Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Models and Maintenance Models. These models offer a framework to determine risk and retrieve planned maintenance and task recommendations. The articles also describe the relationship between these models and Inspection Templates, Events Templates, Thickness Reports and Hierarchy Templates. The articles in this section are classed as Pinnacle Confidential Information as defined in the License Agreement, as agreed between the parties (the “Agreement”). The Confidential Information is provided subject to the terms of said Agreement, and as such must not be shared with any third party; copied, adapted or otherwise reproduced; or used for any commercial or other purpose other than as provided for in the Agreement.